Your interview day

Inside the Civic Centre with view of the tennis courts

Here's what to expect on your interview day. 

Where will the interview take place?
Interviews take place at our offices in the Civic Centre in Esher, or if you are applying to work in a Community Centre, they take place at a Centre.

Can I travel by public transport or is there anywhere to park?
Esher station is 15 minutes walk from the Civic Centre or, if you're driving, there is a pay and display car park next to the Civic Centre.

What should I wear for my interview?
If you have an interview at the Civic Centre, you should wear normal business dress.

Where will my interview take place?
Your interview will take place in a private room with a panel (usually 2 or 3 members of staff). 

What happens during the interview?
The panel will ask questions and make notes of your answers.  Remember the panel is on your side - they have invited you for interview and want to know more about you.  You'll get an opportunity at the end of the interview to ask any questions so you can find out more about the role or the council.

Will I have a test?
Your invitation to interview will let you know whether there will be a test; this will either be before or after your interview.

When will I hear from you?
You'll hear from us as soon as possible after your interview.  Sometimes interviews take place over a number of days so bear with us while we interview everyone and make a decision.