A thriving Elmbridge economy

As part of our work to keep a thriving economy in Elmbridge, the Enterprise Elmbridge programme is centred on engagement and partnership with businesses and our local town and village centre business groups.

  • Working with businesses across a variety of sectors, we work to build a full picture of the issues and opportunities impacting our businesses and help to target investments that support our efforts.

  • We also have the Elmbridge Business Leaders Board, which brings us together with businesses from our top 50 large and strategically important employers to engage and discuss issues or opportunities effecting our businesses, as we work together to keep the local economy thriving. This has helped identify, and start to tackle infrastructure constraints, as well as attracting external funding. For example, we are working with our businesses to progress the Brooklands Business Park Accessibility project which has attracted over £2M in external funding to develop a new sustainable transport corridor for Weybridge.

  • The Elmbridge Business Network connects us to 700+ start ups and small and medium sized helping provide businesses with access to information, grants and the chance to network and pick up new skills through our business masterclass and annual business conference. Its free to join!

  • Partnering with town centre business groups allows us to support and develop our town and village centres. This covers day-to-day support for events, streetscape improvements and initiatives as the Future High Street working group, which allows us to work with our local centres on how we evolve and adapt our centres to ensure their longer term viability and success.

  • We also connect with start ups through our start up grants which has delivered more than £40,000 to help start ups during their crucial first year of trading

  • The Elmbridge Civic Improvement Fund provides both support and a direct connection with our independent retailers providing more than £800,000 to local businesses for specific projects such as shop front improvements.

Find out more about all of this business support on our website.