Are you mental health aware at work?

In England, 26% of adults have been diagnosed with mental health illnesses and 18% of adults report experiencing mental health issues without being diagnosed. 

Elmbridge Borough Council is committed to supporting mental health in the workplace. As part of this commitment, we have decided to train our people in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), an internationally recognised education and training programme. One of the programmes we offer is Mental Health First Aid Aware and over 50 people have undertaken this training.

MHFA Aware is an introductory mental health awareness course designed to increase understanding and knowledge of mental health and mental health issues, identify stigma and discrimination related to mental health and provide guidance on how to support people. MHFA Aware also has a strong emphasis on caring for your own mental health.

Dr Cecile Bowie, our wonderful MHFA trainer, created a dialogue where people started to talk openly about mental health. It was clear that mental health affects us all whether it is personally or through friends, family, colleagues and customers. The response to this course has been overwhelmingly positive, with people not only feeling more aware but more confident to help others and themselves.