Getting started at Elmbridge

I really enjoyed my week of work experience at Elmbridge Borough Council, where I spent most of my time with the Organisational Development team. I also spent a day with procurement and a morning with customer service.

During my time, I attended various meetings regarding suppliers, communications from all different areas and more. The thing I enjoyed the most was probably being involved in a lot of the different meetings and seeing what it is like in a business workplace, as it is much different to what I suspected it to be like. This experience has given me a much greater understanding on many different aspects of work life which will help me a lot in the future.

I also thought the call centre in the customer service was very interesting, as it showed me all the different types of queries they receive, and how they deal with them.

Overall, I really enjoyed my week here in Esher, and it has taught me many important things which will help me in the future. I really recommend doing work experience at Elmbridge Borough Council, as everyone is very friendly and helpful, and it also gives you a much wider understanding of all the different services that the council offers.