Katie Baldwin - ''make someone smile''


Katie manages the Planning Compliance team at Elmbridge and has been with us for almost 10 years. She has worked in planning for most of her career (except for a few months selling chairs) and in her time at Elmbridge she has been a committed supporter of our learning and development programme, including undertaking a work sponsored Master’s Degree in Planning and Sustainability.

When you meet Katie, you meet a centred, calm, helpful and knowledgeable person.  She has many mantras for work and life such as ‘give people the benefit of the doubt’ and ‘what you want isn’t always what you need’, but a key one for her is always to try to make someone smile!

Katie and her team investigate issues of alleged breaches of planning control in Elmbridge – the fence that is too high, the extension that has over extended or development with no planning permission. She cannot always deliver the outcome our customers want but they know they are dealing with someone who is genuinely trying to help them, and they respect her for that.

In her role she needs to regularly let customers know that we cannot investigate issues such as boundary disputes or parking obstructions, but she delivers the message with honesty and empathy and encourages her team to do the same (and to make someone smile!).